MB0048 –Operation Research- November Drive 2010(spring 2011)


MB0048 –Operation Research- 4 Credits

(Book ID: B1137)

Assignment Set- 1 (60 Marks)

Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions

1. Outline the broad features of the Judgement phase and Research phase of the scientific method in OR. Discuss in detail any of these phases.

2. Operation Research is an aid for the executive in making his decisions by providing him the needed quantitative information, based on scientific method analysis. Discuss.

3. A furniture manufacturer makes two products: chairs and tables. Processing of these products is done on two machines A and B. A chair requires 2 hours on machine A and 6 hours on machine B. A table requires 5 hours on machine A and no time on machine B. There are 16 hours per day available on machine A and 30 hours on machine B. Profit gained by the manufacturer from a chair and a table is Rs 2 and Rs 10, respectively. What should be the daily production of each of the two products?

4. Given a general linear programming problem, explain how you would test whether a basic feasible solution is an optimal solution or not. How would you proceed to change the basic feasible solution in case it is not optimal?

5. State and discuss the methods for solving an assignment problem. How is Hungarian method better than other methods for solving an assignment problem?

6. Compare and contrast CPM and PERT. Under what conditions would you recommend scheduling by PERT? Justify your answer with reasons.


MB0048 –Operation Research- 4 Credits

(Book ID:B1137)

Assignment Set- 2 (60 Marks)

Note: Each question carries 10 Marks. Answer all the questions

1. State the different types of models used in OR. Explain briefly the general methods for solving these OR models?

2. What are the meaning and role of the lower bound and upper bound in the branch and bound method?

3. (a) Give an algorithm to solve an assignment problem.

(b) Show that an assignment problem is a special case of transportation problem?

4. What is a game in game theory? What are the properties of a game? Explain the 'best strategy' on the basis of minimax criterion of optimality.

5. What do you understand by (i) Queue discipline, (ii) Arrival process (iii) Service process?

6. State two major reasons for using simulation. Explain the basic steps of Monte-Carlo simulation. Briefly describe the application in finance & Accounting.


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