BBA Semester 1 Spring 2014

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BBA Semester 1 Spring 2014
BBA101 – Communication Skills
Q1. Depending on the channel used and the style of communication, there can be various types of communication. Explain the various types of communication based on channels and style.
Q2. Discuss different types of communication network practiced in an organization.
Q3. A good structured report helps the management to take vital decisions in an organised manner. Describe the structure and the steps involved in writing a good report.
Q4. What groundwork does one need to do to make an effective presentation? How do verbal, vocal and visual components of communication impact a presentation?
Q5. Different purposes of reading require different methods of reading. Describe the various ways of reading. What are the techniques that you can use to improve your reading?
Q6. Why is employment communication a necessary weapon for employer? What should an applicant look for before he submits a resume to his prospective employer?

BBA102- Organization Behaviour
Q1. What is meant by Organisational Behaviour? Describe the interpersonal role and informational role of managers.
Q2. What is the meaning of organisation design? Explain the following elements of Organization Structure: (a) Hierarchy (b) Division of work (c) Unity of command
Q3. Define the term ‘Learning’. Explain any three theories of learning.
Q4. What is meant by conflict? Describe the Sources of Conflict?
Q5. Define the term ‘power’ with respect to organisational behaviour. What are the sources of power? Explain.
Q6. Explain the importance of Groups. Describe the stages of Group Development.

BBA103 – Business Environment
Q1. Economic policies refer to the monetary and fiscal policies that affect the growth rate of the economy. Discuss in detail these policies.
Q2. Differentiate between capitalist and socialist economies.
Q3. Discuss the Industrial laws applicable in India.
Q4. What is disinvestment? What is the difference between privatization and disinvestment? What are the objectives of disinvestment?
Q5. Describe the corporate social responsibility of business houses towards human resources with an example of an Indian Company.
Q6. Explain the Indian economy with reference to the service sectors like Education and Health care.

BBA104–Quantitative Techniques in Business
Q1. Give a brief description of the different measures of central tendency. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the three common averages: Mean, Median and Mode?
Q2. Explain the following: a. Control charts for variables
b. Control charts for attributes
c. Acceptance sampling
Q3. What is consumer price index number? Explain the methods of constructing consumer price index with an example for each.

BBA105 – Computer Fundamentals
Q1. a. Determine the decimal equivalent of the given number (38.36)8 b. determine the decimal equivalent of the given number (511)16
Q2. You want to invite a set of friends for your wedding through email as you do not have enough time to go and invite personally. How will you invite them using mail merge technique?
Q3. a. What is a Macro? b. How do you create Macro?


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