BBA Semester 3 Spring 2014

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BBA Semester 3 Spring 2014
BBA301 - Legal and Regulatory Framework
Q1. What are the various kinds of agencies?
Q2. Define the meaning of a ‘Cheque’.Explain the crossing of a cheque and its types.
Q3. Explain different types of share capital.
Q4. “CPA provides for the establishment of the central consumer protection council”. Explain the objectives of the central council in the light of the above statement.
Q5. What are the salient features of combination regulations under the Competition Act 2002?
Q6. List the features and precautions of Trade mark Act, 1999.

BBA302- Human Resource Management
Q1. Define ‘Human resource Management’ (HRM). What are the features and objectives of human resource management?
Q2. Define ‘recruitment’. What are the factors affecting recruitment?
Q3. Differentiate between personnel management and Human Resource Management.
Q4. What is the purpose of performance appraisal? Explain the process of performance appraisal.
Q5. What is meant by employee grievance? What are the causes of employee grievances? Explain the need for employee counselling.
Q6. Explain the need for employee induction program. What are the contents of induction program?

BBA303 – Quality Management
Q1. What is meant by ‘Quality’? What are the dimensions of quality?
Q2. Differentiate between Mission and Vision Statements. Write a brief note on “quality objectives”
Q3. Explain the following:
a) Cost of quality
b) Kaizen
Q4. What is meant by Customer Focus? How do you handle customer complaints?
Q5. What is ‘productivity’? Explain productivity factors.
Q6. Write short notes on the following:
(a) Quality Management Principles
(b) Deming Prize

BBA304 - Advertising and sales
Q1. Define advertising and discuss the various functions of advertising.
Q2. Discuss in brief the various message strategies in advertising.
Q3. Observe any newspaper advertisement of any telecom company. What is the target audience and what are benefits of choosing newspaper for advertisement.
Q4. What is internet advertising? How is it different from Email advertising?
Q5. What are the various sales presentation techniques? Discuss.
Q6. Write short notes on:
a) Sales promotion
b)Personal selling


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