BBA Semester 6 Spring 2014

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BBA Semester 6 Spring 2014
Q.1 Define any one definition of Technology. Explain the concept of technology in brief.
Q2. List and explain the effects of technology on various human need factors
Q3. Differentiate between exploratory and normative methods of forecasting.
Q4. Describe the process of Technology assessment and evaluation with a neat diagram.
Q5. Briefly explain the government initiative for technology transfer in India.
Q6. Write note on
a. Moore’s Law
b. Innovation Performance

BBA602 –Management Development and Skills
Q.1 Define Management. Explain the importance of Management. Discuss any three advantages of Management. Q2. Discuss the John Fisher’s Model of Personal Change
Q3. Explain the concept of Decision-Making. Discuss the challenges in the process of Decision making.
Q4. Suppose you have joined as a Manager in an organization and you are asked to negotiate on a particular issue. What according to you are the principles of Negotiation? Explain the steps in the process of negotiation.
Q5. Discuss the qualities required to become an effective leader.
Q6. Write a short note on the following:
a) Grid Analysis
b) Catwoe Analysis

Q1. OGive introduction to international finance. Explain the benefits, scope of international finance. List the advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
Q2. Write short note on:
Balance of Payment
Current account
Capital account
Foreign exchange reserves
Accounting equilibrium
Q3. Give introduction on foreign exchange. Explain on foreign exchange markets and role of international forex markets.
Q4. Explain cash-in-advance and write the process of issuing letter of credit and different types of letter of credit.
Q5. Explain the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Give the comparison between American Depository Receipt (ADR) and Global Depository Receipt (GDR). Write the categories for trade blocs.
Q6. Write down the differences between GATT and WTO. Explain the problems and achievements of GATT & WTO.


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