BBA Semester 4 Summer 2014

BBA401 – E-Commerce
Q1. a. eBay is The World's Online Marketplace®, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis. With a diverse and passionate community of individuals and small businesses, eBay offers an online platform where millions of items are traded each day. Mention and explain the various opportunities offered by ecommerce for businesses. b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of eCommerce? See Answer here 
Q2. a. The TCP/IP reference model is the network model used in the current Internet architecture. This model is derived from the OSI model and they are relatively same in nature. Explain the different characteristics of Gateways in the TCP/IP reference model with a neat diagram b. Write short note on Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) with example
Q3. Hanson websites are built to work for your business and are built on the concept of intelligent website. An intelligent website is more than just a brochure on the web. It allows you to edit the website yourself through a Content Management System (CMS). What is the need for an intelligent website?
Q4. When a data is sent across the network it is encrypted and arranged in a way that even if there is a diversion in the flow of data should not leak the data. At the reception it is decrypted and actual data is obtained. Explain the different methods of encryption technique.
Q5. Explain the different categories of electronic payment system in detail
Q6. We know that there are various internet services which help us to make the use of network efficiently. Being a regular user of the various services without probably knowing the technical aspects explain those services in details with an example.
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BBA402 – Management Accounting
Q1. Budgetary control is a strong business tool that helps companies maximize profits. Explain the advantages of budgetary control. See Answer here 
Q2. The success of a business enterprise depends to a great extent on how efficiently and effectively it can control costs. Give the meaning of standard costing. Describe estimated cost and standard cost.
Q3. Variance analysis is a tool for measuring performance and depends on the principle of management by exception. Explain the uses of variance. From the following information, calculate sales margin price variance and sales margin volume variance.
Budgeted Sales Actual Sales Product Qty. Sales price per unit Std. cost | Product Qty. Sales price per unit (units) Rs. per unit (units) Rs. Rs. A 600 20 12 A 800 24 B 400 15 9 B 600 12 1,000 1,400
Q4. The following are the summarised trading and profit & loss accounts of Mysore Jewellers for the year ending 31 December 2002 and the balance sheet as on that date.
Trading and profit & loss account To opening stock 76,250 By sales 5,00,000 To purchases 3,22,250 By closing stock 98,500 To gross profit 2,00,000 5,98,500 5,98,500 To selling expenses 22,000 By gross profit b/d 2,00,000 To administrative expenses 98,000 By dividend on shares 9,000 To loss on sale of assets 2,000 By profit on sale of shares 3,000 To net profit 90,000 2,12,000 2,12,000 
You are required to calculate the following ratios: 1. Gross profit ratio 2. Net profit ratio 3. Operating ratio 4. Operating profit ratio 5. Stock turnover ratio 6. Turnover of fixed assets 7. Return on total resources Q5. Explain the determinants of working capital requirements..
Q6. From the following information prepare (i) a statement of sources and uses of funds and (ii) a schedule of changes in working capital for M/s. Eshwari & co. Balance sheets as on 31stMarch 2010 and 2011 are:
Liabilities 2010(Rs.)2011(Rs.)Assets2010(Rs.)2011(Rs.)
Equity share Capital50,00062,500Good will15,00012,500
Redeemable Preference share25,00020,000Land & Building37,50055,000
General Reserve7,5008,750Debtors22,50025,000
Profit & Loss A/c.6,2508,750Bills Receivables87501,250
Bills Payable5,0002,500Cash6,2508,750
Additional Information
(i) Depreciation of Rs. 2,500 charged on Land & Buildings
(ii) Building amounting to Rs. 5,000 was sold for Rs. 4,700.
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BBA 403 - International marketing
Q1. Explain the meaning, need and significance of international marketing. See Answer here 
Q2. Compare Adam Smith and David Ricardo’s theories of international trade.
Q3. Culture is an invisible barrier to international trade. Discuss.
Q4. Explain the meaning and need of secondary research in international marketing.
Q5. What is the mode of entry adopted by McDonalds? Discuss the various modes of entry in international business.
Q6.Write short notes on: a) Modes of transportation in international trade b) Benefits and risks of Global e marketing
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BBA404 – Small Business Management
Q1. Write short notes on the following: a) Various forms of organisation b) Competitive strategies See Answer here 
Q2. What is meant by working capital? Explain the various sources of working capital.
Q3. Describe the following: (a) Capacity management (b) Managerial activities
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BBA405 – Retail Management
Q1. Write short notes on the following: a) Functions of retailing b) Retail marketing See Answer here 
Q2. Explain the functions of merchandising manager.
Q3. What is meant by retail space management? Describe the elements of store design?
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