3rd Semester

MBA Semester III Spring 2014
MB0050 – Research Methodology  See Answer.
Q1. Briefly describe the different steps involved in a research process. Distinguish between descriptive and causal research studies.
Q2. Distinguish between primary and secondary methods of data collection. Explain the

Interview method of data collection.

MB0051: “Legal Aspects of Business See Answer.
Q1. What are the rights of a surety? 
MK0010 – Sales, Distribution& Supply Chain Management
Q1. When one member of distribution channel tries to maximize its profits at the expense of rest of the members, it will create conflicts, resulting in the decline of profits. To avoid these conflicts, now retail firms have started forming vertical Marketing systems (VMS). Explain the three types of VMS through which goods and services are usually distributed to customers. 

See Answer.
MF0010 – Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Q.1 Investment operation is one which upon through analysis promises safety of principal and an adequate return. Explain the investment process and write down the common errors in investment management 

See Answer.
MU0010 – Manpower Planning and Resourcing
Q1. What do you mean by forecasting? Describe the various types of forecasts
OM0010 - Operations Management
Q1. What are the objectives of inventory management? Explain the types of inventory. 
PM0010 – Introduction to Project Management
Q1. Q1. Write short notes on: i. Project constraints
ii. Project testing phase of project management life cycle
iii. Project resources
iv. Qualitative approach to demand forecasting 

MI0033 – Software Engineering
Q1. Process patterns are the results of applying abstraction to recurring processes and process components. Process patterns are collections of general techniques, actions, and/or tasks (activities) for developing object-oriented software. Justify the above statement. Explain with an example for each, the different types of process patterns in the ascending order of abstraction level.
See Answer.
MH0051 – Health Administration
Q.1 Discuss the uses of epidemiology with examples. 

IB0010 – International Financial Management
Q1. Q1. Write short notes on: a) Measuring exchange rate movements
b) Factors that influence exchange rates 

Q1. The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. Its unique structure includes a federal government agency, the Board of Governors, in Washington, D.C., and 12 regional Reserve Banks. Compare and contrast the organizational structure and the functions of the Reserve Bank of India and the Federal Reserve of US. 

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