4th Semester

MB0052– Strategic Management and Business Policy
Q1. Define the term ‘strategy’. Explain the concept of ‘strategic window’. 
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MB0053– International Business Management
Q1. “Environment scanning is an important part of international business.” Explain your views on this statement and discuss what factors need to be scanned.
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MK0015 – Service Marketing & Customer Relationship Management
Q1. “Positioning a service in the marketplace is much like positioning a product”. Explain Service positioning and its purpose with the help of an example. 
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MF0015 - International Financial Management
Q.1 Write short notes on: a) Measuring exchange rate movements
b) Factors that influence exchange rates 

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MU0015 - Compensation Benefits
Q1. Discuss the contents and process of Job evaluation
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OM0015 – Maintenance Management
Q1. Write short notes on: Quality versus maintenance
Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
ault tree analysis
Systematic equipment replacement program

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PM0015 – Quantitative methods in Project Management
Q1. Write short notes on: • Q sort method of project selection
• Basic components of a network
• Project cost
• Resource smoothing 

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MI0038: Enterprise Resource Planning
Q1. Write short notes on: • Integrated data model • Latest trends in ERP • Order management sub module of sales and distribution module of ERP system • Organisational management sub module of Human resource module of ERP system
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MH0056 – Public Relations and Marketing of Healthcare Organization
Q1. Discuss the factors affecting healthcare marketing. 
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QM0015 – ISO/QS 9000 Elements
Q1. a. Mention the key benefits of all eight principles of Quality management system. b. Briefly explain the concept of product tracing with an example. 
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IB0015 – Foreign Trade of India
Q1. Give a brief overview of India’s foreign trade since independence. 
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MA0041: Merchant Banking and Financial Services
Q.1 Assume you are the investor of Just Dial Limited. Directors presented 19th Annual Report along with the audited accounts of the Company for the year ended March 31, 2014 and has not declared dividend. Analyse the IPO issue of Just Dial ltd.